Thomas Chauke - Shimatsatsa No. 27 Rejina

Shimatsatsa No. 27 Rejina

When it comes to Tsonga Traditional music, there is no-one who can match Thomas Chauke's gift and achievements.

Since he first began releasing albums more than three decades ago, Thomas has added his unique voice to a music genre that is beloved in his home region of Limpopo Province.

But that doesn't mean that this songwriter, performer and producer's music has limited appeal: the music that has appeared on his Shimatsatsa ('a beautiful girl') series has enticed many newcomers to the Tsonga Traditional genre with its traditional call-and-response structured Shangaan singing matched with a disco-influenced beat.

Thomas was born in 1952 in Salema village, Limpopo Province in South Africa – and his 'Shimatsatsa' series, featuring the Shinyori Sisters backing group has earned him cumulative sales in excess of two million and more South African Music Awards in the Tsong Traditional category than any other musician.

Like his previous recordings 'Shimatsatsa No. 27 Rejina' spreads the kind of positive message that has earned Thomas a devoted fanbase

This time around the album is produced by the closely knit team of Thomas and Flora the ease of the process is evidenced in the set of 10 songs on it.

On this album he is embracing the love and beuty of women called Rejina who is complaining about being on the sides. The bottom line on this album when you love someone you stick with them no matter what. The combination of the male and female vocals adds a compelling new dimension to the material. Other stand outs include the album's title track (an obvious hit) as well as the likes of 'Mambvembve' and 'Qweta'.

But at the centre of it all is Thomas' great voice, which commands the same attention now as it did when this icon of the Tsonga Traditional genre first came onto the scene.

Release Date : 17 Jan 2008