Jub Jub - The Rare Breed

Hip Hop
The Rare Breed

Molemo Maarohanye is not a new kid on the block but cynics might still ask what his claim to fame is? He is no stranger to the limelight seeing that he literally grew up in public. He thinks he has come full circle because he now wants to be recognized as a musician. He just released his second hip-hop album called The Rare Breed.
Being the talkative and vocal person he is, the 13 track hip-hop album took a year to complete and he is very happy with the end results. He has worked with artists like Thato from Zulu Mobb, Hoodlum, and the album was produced by the likes ofKentphonik, Papercutt, Danone, Schluda, Jaizel Brothers to mention a few.

This is a story of Jub Jub – where he is at, where he is coming and where he is going. It is a very happy album and I am sure that people will enjoy Good Time Of Your Life, Ndikokele and 'Feeling Your Pain'.

Molemo is involved in Ithuteng Trust Fund that he started with his mother but she is still running it on full time basis. His clothing line called Jub Jub Kaofela Collection is coming out this year .Jub Jub’ album is released by a newly formed hip-hop label Bonzo Music.

Release Date : 02 Nov 2006