Melanie Fiona - The MF Life

Pop, R n B
The MF Life

Melanie Fiona crossed many bridges to arrive at 'The MF Life'. Conceptual bridges. Spiritual bridges. Actual bridges. Stadium-thumpin' bridges. Hard-lovin' emotional bridges.

'The MF Life', the Grammy-nominated soulstress's second album for SRC/Title 9/Universal Motown, evinces the charmed life of an immensely gifted vocalist in forward motion, hurtling up the road, the radio dial, and the charts to a unique place where myriad listeners can soothe their souls and hear the beat of their own hearts.

"It's all in the interest of growth," explains Melanie Fiona, a Los Angeles-based native of Toronto, Canada. "The key thing I want to impress upon anyone who listens to 'The MF Life' is the idea that it's possible to learn from everything that comes at you," she continues. "That's been my process. It's why on the surface, the 'MF' in the album title represents my initials, but it also gets at the many facets of myself as an artist and a young woman. It can be viewed as the 'Mighty Fine Life' in times of triumph and success, but also the 'Mother-F-ing Life' when I'm dealing with frustration or misfortune. I celebrate both. I feel it would be dishonest if everything was all about glitz and glamour. It's about the balance of life, the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, all of that."

'Gone and Never Coming Back', the powerfully emotive lead single from 'The MF Life', catapults Melanie Fiona's career to new heights with a breathtaking display of resolve and resilience. Written by frequent collaborator Andrea Martin, 'Gone and Never Coming Back' finds Fiona picking up where she left off on 'It Kills Me', the Grammy-nominated hit single from her critically acclaimed 2009 debut CD, 'The Bridge'. In it, she passionately sings, "It's sad that all he ever said / Was that he'd love me to death / But then he's gone again / And I was wrong again." The richness of Fiona's voice exemplifies the veracity of the song's brokenhearted lyrics, as do producer Jay Fenix's anchoring piano chords and swelling, luxuriant strings. "An artist can't be afraid to show vulnerability," says Fiona. "'It Kills Me' was about being confused about what direction you want to take the pain you're feeling - essentially being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 'Gone and Never Coming Back' is the aftermath of that. The relationship is over and you're walking away from it, saying goodbye to some-thing as well as someone, and there's still a whole range of hurt there, too."

The maturity Melanie Fiona displays on 'The MF Life' is underscored by her remarkable versatility and cosmopolitan panache. The album showcases a stunning mix of vibrant new sounds from a host of A-list R&B producers and songwriters, each partaking of the originality that has made Fiona a sought-after collaborator by everyone from Cee-Lo Green ('Fool For You') and John Legend & The Roots ('Wake Up! Everybody') to reggae superstar Stephen Marley ('No Cigarette Smoking (In My Room)') and U.K. rapper Tinchy Stryder ('Let It Rain'). "'The MF Life' is definitely less retro-sounding than my first album," says Fiona, who credits her parents, Guyanese emigres to Canada, with giving her a solid foundation in the time-honored classics of Sam Cooke and Stevie Wonder, among other greats. The transformative impulse is one Fiona relishes. "Making the leap from Canada," she explains, "I was recognized for two things: Being a powerful vocalist and an emotional storyteller. It's clear to me that with those traits in place, the sky's the limit. I think if listeners feel that they can believe what you're singing, they'll stick with you no matter what you try."

Clearly, 'The MF Life' points the way forward for a boldly captivating new voice with an auspicious future.

Release Date : 20 Mar 2012