Solly Moholo - Difofu Dikgopela Merapelo

Afro Pop, Local
Difofu Dikgopela Merapelo

Over the year's Moholo has developed a signature sound - always accompanied by lyrics that are straight-talking, to-the-point, often funny and sometimes really moving.

Among the highlights on Difofu Dikgopela Merapelo is the hit track "Haretsamaye Rerobala Mo lema Ngeloyi" which adds yet another strong song to Moholo’s deep catalogue. Also making a big impact is "Solly Moholo Supports The Kids" which is a touching song about Moholo’s work in the community - and it features Moholo’s daughters Lobisa (4) and Katlego (9) contributing vocals.

Difofu Dikgopela Merapelo is the latest addition to an impressive - and peerless - music career.

Release Date : 14 Feb 2011