Winnie Mashaba - Kea Letshaba Lefase

Afro Pop
Kea Letshaba Lefase

Winnie Mashaba has crept into the hearts of Gospel music fans over the past few years, and several albums into her career, she is now a leading artist in the genre. The reason why Winnie's popularity has been so fully cemented has everything to do with her soulful voice that is able to appeal to fans of great quality music –not just Gospel music followers.

On her latest album 'Kea Letshaba Lefase', Winnie's voice again takes centre stage across the 12-tracks, including album closer – a beautiful acapella version of 'Lala Ho Nna' which is the perfect way to end the album. But alongside her captivating voice, Winnie has another gift that sets her apart from her Gospel peers.

Look at the credits on 'Kea Letshaba Lefase' and you will see just what a prolific songwriter this amazing artist is: of the dozen tracks that appear on the album, Winnie composed all but two (W. Dube and S. Mtileni also offer songwriting contributions on the album).

In this, her latest album confirms Winnie's standing as a premiere South African Gospel artist.

From the minute the sounds of the album's title track filter through your sound system, you know that this is a very special talent. Winnie ups the ante on her previous albums with a set of songs that uplift and inspire, among them 'Morena O Re Thuse' and 'Xhikwembu'.

A real highlight of 'Kea Letshaba Lefase' is Winnie's song with Mary Moukangwe. Titled 'Tsiu Tsaka', the song teams up two beautiful voices in one of the album's real centrepieces.

Release Date : 18 Jul 2007