Blondie Makhene - Sthunywa Sam'

Afro Pop
Sthunywa Sam'

The long-awaited new album from veteran musical legend Blondie Makhene has arrived!  Sthunywa Sam’ is a wonderful world music offering, bringing this stalwart back to the music scene after several years of introspection and self-discovery.  Back in front of the microphone, with a great set of self-penned songs, Blondie proves that he is as much an integral part of African music culture as he ever was.

Blondie, in love with his continent, celebrated Africa on Sthunywa Sam’ and feels lucky that the ancestors brought him like-minded musicians to work with.  “They understood me and I could tell from every beat and every note that I couldn’t have done better than that.”  

Writing songs for Blondie is about touching the listener and he is ecstatic to part of the modern movement of music again.  “There is such talent in this country”, he says “I respect those that held up the flag while I wasn’t there, it’s been so exciting for music in South Africa.”

An album that exudes joy and happiness, Blondie is proud to say that listening to Sthunywa Sam’ is an uplifting experience.  Uptempo, happy rhythms with lyrical rejoicing all the way, the album makes the listener dance, smile and really feel.  

Blondie hopes the listener can really feel the healing on the album. “When you make a song you are selling a feeling, an energy and a mood, if people cant feel that they will walk away.”  
Singing in Zulu mostly, Blondie has also incorporated some of the traditional Sangoma language known as Isingawo into his lyrics, connecting him deeper to his ancestors.  

Produced by Blondie himself alongside Ian Osrin at Digital Cupboard, Sthunywa Sam’ is an Afro-pop album with a difference.  Blondie recalls how it came about organically and naturally. “The song tells you where it’s coming from, it tells you to produce me like this, respect me like this.”  Blondie has truly found his feet on this record, adhering to his inner calling and respecting the guidance he felt, he has emerged a stronger and more centred musician, trusting the natural flow of his creativity.  The results are a sensational mix of Afro-pop and world music that will once again catapult Blondie back into the musical limelight.

Release Date : 01 Jul 2008