Noel Gallagher wants a six-pack

Noel Gallagher wants a six-pack

Noel Gallagher wants a six-pack, although he can't be bothered doing any exercise to get one.

The 44-year-old High Flying Birds rocker came face-to-face with a group of bodybuilders on the set of his video for 'Dream On', and reportedly turned to them for advice on how to keep his middle-age spread at bay.

One of the extras told the Daily Star newspaper: "Noel was asking the bodybuilders for some top tips on getting into shape.

"He said he's naturally slim and doesn't want to cart around stomach flab as his wife Sara keeps in such good shape. I told him to eat more protein and do 200 sit-ups a day. He didn't look very impressed with the sit-up idea.

"He said sit-ups are for posers and he just wanted to sit watching the TV with 'one of those vibrating things on my belly like in the adverts'. I told him no way."

The former Oasis rocker has already made peace with the ageing process, but realised just how old he was when he went shopping to a trendy UK department store and saw nothing he liked.

He said: "It dawned on me that I'm getting old. I had an hour to kill, and I went round Selfridges' men's department. I didn't see a single item of clothing that I thought would suit me. I've moved on. I'm going to have to stop wearing casual shoes and wear proper shoes."

Date Posted : 24 Apr 2012