Shwi NoMtekhala release new album

Shwi NoMtekhala release new album

Shwi NoMtekhala are back in business with the release of their new album 'Uyoba Unenhlanhla'.

The multi-platinum-selling Maskandi duo have returned to reclaim their spot in the music industry after taking a break since their album flopped in 2007.

According to the duo, their latest album will take the traditional music genre by storm.

Mandla Xaba , who is known as Shwi, said: “It was not our aim to release a flop. The company had initially told us that we would not release anything that year.

“Later they changed their minds and we were not given enough time to work on the album. We like to to be able to take pride in whatever we do.”

Mtekhala, whose real name is Rodgers Magubane, says the new album consists of fresh maskandi rhythms blended with mbaqanga sounds.

“We have explored different sounds, while retaining the old style of maskandi and at the same time modernising it to deliver a unique maskandi.”

“This time we pulled up our socks and, more than that, had enough time to tune our sound,” said Mtekhala.

Speaking about their personal experiences of growing up without fathers, Xaba said: “Take songs like 'Wangisiza Baba', 'Woza Baba' and 'Angimaz’ubaba' tackling the issue of growing up without a father figure. We thought it a very interesting subject since we both lost our our fathers at an early age.”

Shwi NoMtekhala's big break came in the form of their 2004 album 'Wangisiza Baba' which had sales exceeding half a million copies.

In 2006 they returned with 'Angimaz’uBaba' which also did well.

The group have won three South African traditional Music Awards and two South African Music Awards. 

Date Posted : 23 Apr 2010