William Sejake

William Sejake

William Sejake is one of the most loved and revered Gospel artists ever featured on Joyous Celebration CD and DVD recordings.

Sejake's rendition of 'Bonang Ho Hlahile Maru' on Joyous Celebration 12' and 'O Mohau'  on 'Joyous Celebration 13' are among his most popular song's

This talented singer had the chance to shine on his own with 'Yekubuhle', the album sees Sejake deliver moving Gospel songs in English, Xitsonga, Zulu and Sesotho. Sejake doesn't disappoint on that album.

As a real bonus to fans, Sejake's solo albums also contains those Joyous Celebration songs that saw many Gospel music lovers become instant fans.

William Sejake fans packed the Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City to capacity during the recording of his live album in September 2010.

It was William's first solo live recording but his reputation as one of the lead singers of Joyous Celebration meant fans knew that they would be in for a superb show.