Springbok Nude Girls

Springbok Nude Girls

The Springbok Nude Girls (a.k.a the Nudies, or the Nude Girls) is a South African music group. They formed in September 1994 and played their first gig at a local venue in Stellenbosch, successfully drawing and entertaining a full house.

In 2004, the band announced their split even though they still played the occasional gig together. However, in 2006, a blog entry on drummer Francois Kruger's site informally announced their reunion and then traced the recording process of the new album. Their reunion coincided with the return of trumpeter Adriaan Brand. Their first new album in four years, 'Peace Breaker', will be released in March 2007.

The band is named after the glamour models that graced compilation album covers of the old and long-since defunct, predominantly Afrikaans local radio station, Springbok Radio. These models were fairly scantily clad and titillating for the time, and considered to be fairly shocking in the Calvinistic and conservative social climate of 1950s South Africa.

The Nudies were one of the most searched items online on account of the combination of some of South Africa's favourite topics: the Springboks (national rugby team) and nude girls!

An alternative rock band, the Nude Girls introduced punk, ska and metal into their songs, introducing a whole new world of music to the youth of South Africa in the early 1990s. Their introduction of a trumpet and other brass instrument in rock songs launched a series of other Southern African bands to do the same. The originality and quality of the Nudies, as well as other leading South African bands of the 90s (Sugardrive, Urban Creep, Battery 9 and Boo!), inspired many other South African musicians. The Nudies became not only favourites in South African households, but stars and influences in the South African music industry at large.

The Nude girls have toured extensively all over the world and recorded an international album in New York in April 1999. Minor success in Europe kept them touring but their popularity was still unequaled compared to South Africa. In 2000, the band received a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Rock Album (Surpass The Powers).

The Nude Girls was voted the Best South Africa rock band in a poll conducted by South African radio station 5fm.