Ruan De Waal

Ruan De Waal

Ruan De Waal may be just 17-years-old, but this Namibian singing sensation has what it takes to streak to the top of the Afrikaans music charts with his upcoming album.

Titled ‘’n Bietjie Nader’, this is Ruan’s first album through his new deal with EMI South Africa and is set to expand his already significant fanbase, currently concentrated in Nambia and know also in South Africa.

It’s a big step for the teenager but one that Ruan’s more than ready for. In fact ‘’n Bietjie Nader’ is not his first release: when he was just 11 years old Ruan recorded and self-released an album that putting him on the music map named “ Seun van die Namib”.

“That album was mainly made up of covers and medleys and two songs wrote by his father,” explains Ruan, “but now we have gone for songs that were specifically written for this new album and I am very, very excited about it.”

Although he’s been singing at competitions and live since the release of that first record when he was 11, Ruan says recording ’n Bietjie Nader’ was a massive learning curve for him.

He gives much of the credit for the polished pop sound on the album to his creative collaborator, Werner Beukes who produced and engineered ‘’n Bietjie Nader’ and also played electric guitar, among other instruments.

“I had sent a Werner a DVD a long time ago, hoping that he would want to work with me on recording an album so when he eventually called I was really happy,” Ruan reveals.