Hip Hop

Having come from the little town that's situated between Lichtenburg and Mafikeng, Notshi actively got into hip hop at the age of 14, but had already expressed interest in music at a younger age.

The struggles of compiling a demo in the hopes of it finding its way to somebody who would take the young man seriously, proved to be very costly. Born into a family where he is the only musician didn’t render him immediate support and when faced with the costs of studio time, the family told him to concentrate on his education rather than waste money on a fantasy.

Notshi was discovered when DJ Lemonka, a well respected DJ who has worked with the likes of Hip Hop Pantsula, Tuks, Mo’lemi and Morafe, heard him rapping his song 'Reach For You Goals' to a Fugees beat on a cell phone. Lemonka then tracked him down at a weekly hip hop session that is held in Itsoseng every Sunday. And the rest is the present.

He has since been able to record that very song on a locally produced beat, as well as feature alongside one of hip hop's finest, Tuks, on a track called 'Game Over: Part Two' where both tracks appear on DJ Lemonka 'Presents Motswakotape.'

Notshi, whose ambitions include learning the art of music production, is working on his debut album that's due for release in 2010, and says that even through all the struggles that he has faced, he never thought of giving up. Notshi is living his dream after having stretched out and reached for a goal that seemed too far-fetched for his family, who have since come around and given him their full support, provided that he sticks to the plan of studying music.