Initially formed as an experimental project in 2000 by vocalist Francois Breytenbach Blom & guitarist Theo Crous. Straying completely from the respective styles of their previous bands.

Huyser Burger (Battery 9) joined the group on stage to fix & sample for live performances through 2002 - 2003.

The band was nominated for a 'Kanna' award for best newcomer at the South African KKNK arts-festival of 2002 . Ironic in light of the fact that individually both Crous & Blom had already been successful in previous bands for over a decade.

New members Rob Nel on bass and Paul Andre Blom on drums completed the line-up for live performances. All songs were now performed with a heavier hand, 'metalized' regardless of its sound on the studio versions.

Pierre Tredoux joined the band in January 2007, replacing Rob Nel on bass. In March 2008 Werner Von Waltsleben replaced Paul Andre Blom on drums.