Thokozani Langa

Thokozani Langa

Thokozani was born on 9 February 1972 at his homestead in Mahlabathini in KZN. It is here that his own family still lives today, his two wives, three daughters and a son. He is a Zulu man who is passionate about his traditions and cultures, yet maintains his spirituality by attending his local church when he is in Mahlabathini.

Thokozani Langa needs no introduction. This two time SAMA nominee has claimed his stake in the world of traditional music. Following on the success of the album that earned him his first SAMA nomination Ipeni Nephepha, as well as Lishonil' Ilanga which earned him yet another nomination, Thokozani has now released a new album, Phuma Kimi.

It was his uncle, Musa Shabalala, who inspired him to start singing, back in 1994. This was after he realised the immense talent that Thokozani possessed and he knew that he could make it big. He tried his luck and released his debut album, with his uncle as the producer. Since then he has grown as a musician and his career continues to thrive.
In 1998 Phathaphatha Ngcobo, who also plays keyboard for maskandi duo Shwi noMtekhala, took notice of his exceptional ability and together, producer and artist began to work on his second maskandi album. With the success of this album, it came as no surprise that Bula Music also jumped at the chance to take him as one of their own artists.

He joined Bula Music in 2004 and released his third album, Ipeni Nephepha, in 2005. By that time Thokozani had already received much media attention and his album became a roaring success. He became a favourite in the maskandi and mbaqanga markets. Ipeni Nephepha enjoyed vast airplay on a number of national radio stations and even received television coverage on the then popular traditional music program Ezodumo. He also performed at numerous road shows throughout the country. The highlight however came with the news that he had been nominated in the prestigious SAMA awards for the Best Maskandi Album, 2005. Being nominated in these awards was dream come true for him opened doors for his musical career.

After his fallout with Bhekumuzi Luthuli earlier this year, in which Luthuli accused him of being a fake and copying his music, Thokozani has released a new album titled Phuma Kimi. Simply put, his new album urges people who have a problem with him to leave him alone. Prior to its release in March, the album had already caused a major stir among his fans. This release earned him the sought-after Best Male Artist award at the South African Traditional Music Awards, which were held in September 2007. Although these awards are only in their second year running, it hasn’t taken long for Thokozani’s flair for music to be recognized and acknowledged.

Over the years Thokozani has become an established singer and songwriter. His music is deeply rooted in his life experiences and all that happens in society around him. He is a humble, peace loving person and wants to spread the message about love with his new album, which he believes will solve a lot of problems in our society.