Thulani Manana

Thulani Manana

Thulani started his music career at the age of 12. He started recording professionally in 1998. His first album was called Iqola Yomlilo. Since then he has recorded 6 albums. He sings in the Inguni language.

The territory of the Inguni speaking people ranges from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth to Durban, including Nelspruit and Pretoria and as far afield as Swaziland, Bulawayo and Zimbabwe. Surprise! Thulani Manana is doing well in Botswana as well.

Thulani is the first South African who managed to change the traditional gospel music to a mainstream selling music called Isikhalanga Gospel. Zion was the first church formed in South Africa, formed specifically for black people. Thulani Manana is the first Bishop to the church that does a lot of Isikhalanga Music. 80 % of the Inguni speaking people were brought up in this traditional Zion music environment.

Even if you change to any other church, you still understand & enjoy that particular music. That is why it has been selling on an unplugged basis. The nicest thing is that it's a capella only enjoyed by any driver around he country especially the taxi drivers. They really go crazy on it's percussion called Stimela.

This music in South Africa, but it is enjoyed all over Africa.Thulani's latest achievement was winning a SAMA award in the Best Traditional Accapella Album category at the 13th Annual MTN Music Awards