Arno Jordaan

Arno Jordaan

When you think about someone like Arno Jordaan your head automatically fills with a bunch of cliches. Just like a good bottle of red wine that gets better and better with age. He has also been compared to a (singing) Greek God who makes woman's knees weak.

The 22 year old star from Pretoria is constantly on tour around SA, with no shortage of bookings from some of the most prestigious events around SA. One of the highlights of the last year for him was naturally performing in front of a crowd of over 6000 people, where he performed alongside some big names like Dozi and Nicholis Louw at Carnival City. He has once again been invited to perform at the next Carnival City Music Festival.

There is definitely a bright future ahead for Arno in the music industry. Keep tabs of this young man, he has still got alot to bring to the table!