Hip Hop

He combines turntablism and beat-boxing in his sets to break from the normal monotony of constant plain beat matching that one would experience from most DJ's.

Redwood started playing on the decks in 1994 with deep house mixes perfecting beat mixing and later turned professional in London in 1999 then turned to tuntablism (scratching and beat-juggling) now is an all-round DJ, covering all aspects on the turntables and Beat-Boxing.

During the building of his DJ career, Redwood has been able to build his own unique trademark using various techniques to accomplish this and one that will definitely amaze an audience, no matter their background or preferred genre, is the simultaneous scratching and beat-boxing with a head piece microphone that can only be appreciated when watching this master working live.

Redwood won the South African Technics DMC D.J. Championship 2003, which was aired on 5fm National Radio on the evening of the 5th of July 2003 after 3 heats of eliminations.

Redwood won African Hp Hop Battle Of The Year 2003 DJ competition held in Cape Town on Friday the 29th of August 2003. For the first time in the history of the competition, Redwood won both the DJ and the Beat-box battles on the same night at Club Insanity on the 28th of March 2003, bringing the total to 3 consecutive wins (hat-trick) in the DJ Battles for Redwood.

Since then Redwood has been playing at many gigs around the country and performed in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) and was well received by the Japanese. He also performed in Cape Verde at the largest Annual Festival that the country holds Baia Das Gatas.

Redwood is the DJ for Rap/Metal Band Pestroy and also forms part of the scratch band called 'Idol Hands' and is constantly performing around the country.

He appears on T.V on a weekly basis on Jam Alley, ETV Craze E Shiz Nizz and has featured on MTV Base, Europe M-TV, Channel 'O', Castle Loud, YO-TV Hype, One, Phat Joe Show and Back Stage covering Channels 1, 2, 3, E TV, M-NET and DSTV.

Redwood has also featured on 5FM and YFM radio stations on numerous occasions.