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'n Saak van Geloof

Marietjie Naude, an 18-year-old country girl, goes home to her parents' farm Hoopfontein for Christmas.

When she tells her parents Ella and Kallie that she is pregnant, they are shocked. But the real blow comes when she assures them she is still a virgin and that the Holy Spirit must be the father of her unborn child.

Her father Kallie, really wants to believe his daughter, but as Sanna the kitchen maid puts it: "Faith does not always come easy."

Following the birth of the child, Krisjan, the town’s seven-year drought is broken and Sanna's husband
Abel is miraculously cured of tuberculosis. However, the church and town community remain sceptical of Marietjie's tale. She visits every possible church in the vicinity in search of a congregation that still believes in the possibility of miracles so that she can baptise her son.

''n Saak van Geloof' is a modern day re-telling of the Bible's story of Jesus Christ. It shows a longing for a time when miracles were an everyday occurrence. It is a compelling, charming and inspiring story about a community that is confronted by the beliefs it holds dear only to find a bigger love and truer faith that brings them together.

Set in the magical Karoo town of Prince Albert, the story revolves around forgiveness, acceptance and the meaning of miracles.

Release Date : 09 Sep 2011
Genres Afrikaans, Drama