Varty's ex-wife responds to tiger attack

Varty's ex-wife responds to tiger attack

John Varty's ex wife has spoken out about the tiger attack that injured her ex husband.

The filmmaker and conservationist was attacked by a young male tiger who his wife claims only wanted to showcase his maleness.

Varty's ex-wife and TV personality Gillian van Houten told Beeld that the incident was afreak accident.

She said her ex husband was busy closing the fate between the two camps when he was mauled by Corbett, a 4-year-old Bengal tiger.

The two camps had gates next to each other and after Varty and the television crew shot footage of the tigers the tiger grabbed Varty. The television crew managed to rescue the fillmaker.

"The tiger saw JV (as she called Varty) as a dominant male. The attack was just about one male challenging another male," she said.

"Corbett is still young and is coming up with all kinds of tricks. He wanted to show off his manliness."

According to Van Houten, Corbett was calm and stable on Thursday 22 March. "We won’t get rid of him."

Meanwhile Varty is recuperating in the high care unit of the Mediclinic in Bloemfontein after he spent about seven hours in the operating theatre on Wednesday night for the cleaning and stitching of his wounds.

General trauma surgeon Dr Vivian Simmons, said he had a serious injury to his chest, broken ribs as well as an injury to his left thigh.

"It could have been worse. We cleaned all the wounds and closed them up and I am satisfied with his progress."

Date Posted : 30 Mar 2012