Stacey Solomon thinks she "deserves" to be criticised

Stacey Solomon thinks she "deserves" to be criticised

Stacey Solomon thinks she "deserves" to be criticised for smoking while pregnant.

The 'I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!' winner - who is seven months pregnant with her second child, her first with fiance Aaron Barham - admits being photographed puffing on a cigarette during her third trimester is not acceptable and she hopes the public backlash against it will help her quit soon.

She told TV show 'Loose Women': "All of the responses are something that I deserve. I don't for one minute think I can sit here and say it is ok - so I can accept that kind of criticism and although it's not nice to hear I know that its true (the health risks) and maybe that will give me more power to stop it and nip it in the bud."

The 22-year-old singer - who already has three-year-old son Zach - admits she feels exceptionally "guilty" for being weak and indulging her habit.

She added: "There's ups and downs to people being critical because it makes you think, 'Oh my God, I really must sort this out,' and you feel even more guilty than you already do because don't get me wrong I felt guilty before all of this came out.

"I really have been and am in the process of giving up before these pictures came out. It's a horrible habit and I care more about my children than anything in the whole wide world so anything I can do to give up means more to me than anything else or what anyone thinks."

Date Posted : 05 Mar 2012