Jeke Yamalimba returns

Jeke Yamalimba returns

Namibian actor Jeke Yamalimba is launching another film in Oshiwambo, 'Telekeshe yaTawasha' on 20 August.

Yamalimba, whose real name is Jekonia Akuunda, grew up in Okapya in Ondangwa and graduated from Naturena College of Theatre in South Africa in 2008. The actor says that was around the time he started working on 'Konalenale Part One'.

He told Nambia's New Era: "I am a naturally talented person thus I can do various duties during the time of shooting a Konalenale project, which will continue up to part 20. 'Telekeshe yaTawasha' will last only until part two."

He added that there's also a message to the nation in the film but it won't be very easy for audiences to figure out: "The message is there but is hard to get it because the drama and comedy is so funny," he says.

The film was sponsored by a number of different people including private business owners as well as some of his family members.

The actor admits that being on screen is his first love and started to appeal to him at the age of 25.

"I was inspired by South African films, namely 'Tsotsi' and 'Jerusalema'," he says.

He also has some ambitious plans on the cards: "In 10 years l would like to see myself as the top actor in Namibia and to have contact and business communication with Hollywood stars." 

Date Posted : 12 Aug 2011