The 'FIFA Street' demo is out now

The 'FIFA Street' demo is out now

A demo of 'FIFA Street' is available now at the PlayStation Store and from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Players will compete in a five-a-side match at the iconic Amsterdam Square stadium with four unique teams: English Premier League giants Manchester City, defending Italian champions AC Milan, a team of real-life street football stars, and an adidas all-star team featuring Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi and 12 of the most skillful superstars in the world.

Using the groundbreaking new Street Ball Control that delivers the highest fidelity of touch on the ball and responsiveness ever developed by the FIFA franchise, fans can experience the authentic one-on-one battle and variety of gameplay that 'FIFA Street' delivers.

In the demo, the journey to street football glory begins in the World Tour story mode where players create themselves and their squad in-game, upgrade attributes, and unlock some of the 50 new skill moves and authentic street dribbling styles available. Players can then pull their progression from the demo into the full game version of 'FIFA Street' that will be launched in South African stores on 16 March.

In addition, gamers who download their friends' created players onto their own squad will unlock the Freestyle Challenge tournament on the Shanghai Rooftop. Plus, the in-game social network in 'FIFA Street' kicks off as players view friends' stats and accomplishments, share videos, and connect in the 'FIFA Street' Network.

Fans who pre-order 'FIFA Street' will receive exclusive in-game access to the adidas all-star team featuring Messi. The pre-order offer also includes exclusive access to the Lionel Messi Barcelona venue, an environment inspired by street footballers playing in and around the Plaça de Catalunya in the historic center of Barcelona, that Messi helped design. Fans with EA Sports Season Ticket will get full-game digital access to 'FIFA Street' three days in advance of launch.

Date Posted : 29 Feb 2012